Western Loudoun Routes

Western Loudoun Roads


Western Loudoun County has some of the most scenic and historic roads in the greater DC Area.  Many of our paved roads in Western Loudoun County though are narrow and do not have any shoulders.  Loudoun County also has approximately 290 miles of gravel road, the most of any county in Virginia.  All of our roads are treasures that are wonderful to ride and enjoy.  

To experience these treasures safely, Bike Loudoun is working on 2 key goals:

  1. Ensure Gravel Roads remain gravel for the benefits of reducing traffic, development, and provide a place for mountain bikers to ride safely.  
  2. Make the existing paved roads as safe as possible through better signage, and where appropriate, wider roads with shoulders or separate Shared Use Paths.

Gravel Roads in Loudoun are a special treat.   But we want to ensure that all riders and drivers on these gravel roads adhere to the Drive Gently principles and look out for one another on these rural gravel roads.  Often we encounter horses, horse trailers, tractors and other farm implements.  We all need to slow down and share the road.  See our section on Riding Gravel here.

The Hill Hops and Vine Route


Our first major initiative for Western Loudoun is a proposed route, for which we are seeking appropriate signage by the Loudoun County Transportation Department.  After riding and exploring many routes in the County, this route, shown above, is the most scenic and on relatively quiet, low traffic, paved roads.

The route has been reviewed with and is supported by the Mayors, town councils, or citizens committees of the Loudoun towns through which the route traverses, including Hamilton, Waterford, Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Round Hill, and Purcellville.  The route also uses portion of the proposed Round Hill - Purcellville Loop Trail, another project we are proposing.  See Round Hill Project Page.

This route also has the potential to be used as a segment of a future Journey through Hallowed Ground Bike Route or as a bicycling segment of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (PHNST).  A similar bicycle route concept was developed for the southern Section of the PHNST in the Northern Neck of Virginia, see the file below for more details.

As we develop other routes we will post them here, feel free to provide us suggestions for any routes you would like signed or improved.