Our Mission


Make Loudoun County a place where bicyclists of all abilities have a safe, secure, and convenient alternative transportation network of bikeways (lanes, shared use paths and dedicated trails) that enable everyone to move efficiently and safely to and from such places as work, school, transit, shopping, libraries, and parks and be able to use such bikeways for recreational and tourist activities. 

Ride safe and enjoy the journey.

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Bike Safety in Loudoun County

Trail Safety


  • Stay to the right on trails
  • Stay alert for other trail users and monitor your speed 
  • Obey all stop signs on trail 
  • Avoid earphone / ear bud use and don't get distracted with that phone!
  • Wear helmets at all times

More Info on Shared Use Paths

Road Cycling Safety


  • Follow all Traffic Laws and ride in bike lanes or on Shared Use Paths if possible
  • Be Seen: Use lights and reflective gear
  • Wear Helmets
  • Ride Single File, especially on narrow rural Loudoun roads

More Info on Road Cycling

Advice for Motorists


  • Motorists must be three feet away from cyclists at all times
  • Drive Gently on Loudoun's rural roads looking for bicycles and other slow moving vehicles
  • When opening doors of parallel parked cars, motorists must check the passing traffic over their left shoulder to ensure no cyclists are in the path of the door

More Info for Motorists

Safe Routes to School and Biking with Kids


Riding with children is a great way to exercise.  Also help your middle and high school aged children safely walk and bike to School.   Click here to find out about the Safe Routes to School Program.

Learn how to start a Bike Train at your school


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We are always excited to hear from fellow bike enthusiasts.  We are currently looking for additional board members.  We have current openings for a Webmaster, Membership Committee Chair, as well as a Safety and School Programs Committee Chair.    Keep in touch and ride safe out there!