Bike Routes to Metro Stations

New Plans for Bike and Ped Access


Acting on recommendations from a commissioned study, Loudoun County has created a plan to build bicycle and pedestrian facilities to enable cyclists and walkers to access the future Metro stations in Loudoun. Included will be on-road bike lanes, sidewalks, and trails. The study is an overview of existing facilities, proposed facilities, as well as completing missing connections within the network.  The recommendations of the study include specific improvements to the sidewalk and trail network, intersection improvements, as well as other proposals to enhance bicycle and pedestrian connections. Also included in the study are criteria that can be used as a tool for prioritizing these improvements, as well as cost estimates. In general, the recommendations of the study follow the guiding principles listed below:  

  • Balance the needs of all road users without significant impacts to vehicular capacity. 
  • Consider a range of users, including varying skill ability, age, and trip purpose. 
  • Enhance driver expectancy of bicyclists and pedestrians through the use of traffic control devices and by creating a designated space for bicyclists.  
  • Address barriers for bicyclists and pedestrians at intersection crossings, increase visibility of pedestrians, and encourage motor vehicle speeds that are compatible with bicycle travel. 
  • Provide a more urban character to the areas immediately adjacent to the stations.   

The study also notes the importance of reevaluating the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians for the area over time. As the road network builds and development occurs, the desired lines and available paths for non-motorized travel will evolve, as will vehicular traffic patterns, especially after the arrival of Metrorail service. Changes or additions to this study may be needed as a result of this evolution. Recommendations from the study will be included in the latest version of the Countywide Transportation Plan.