Grinding Gravel

Photo courtesy, Douglas Graham

Riding Gravel Roads

A great article on Grinding Gravel was published in Loudoun Now this year, in the “In Our Backyard” column sponsored by the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition.  Click here to get the story   

Also check out this Website on Gravel Roads mentioned in the article and this Gravel Map of Loudoun County

We are looking for someone to help us with this section of the website.  Anyone who spends time on gravel, and would like to see this updated with more information, is welcome to contribute.  Please send us a note and we can talk!

Check with our local Bike Shops for more info

Nicole Davison, who owns and runs Bicycles & Coffee in Purcellville with her husband Scott, says, “We just happen to be sitting in the middle of some of the best gravel in the world.” Their shop caters to the Loudoun gravel scene, selling bikes specially equipped for the terrain with tires that glide over the gravel. “We love the personality of gravel,” she says.

Riding gravel in Loudoun offers a unique experience that attracts riders from all over the country. The ability to ride loops of up to 100 miles, largely on gravel, is a big draw. But it’s also the varied terrain, historic houses and barns, dry-stacked stone walls, wildlife, and the sometimes unexpected scenes that excite the cyclists the Davisons take out. Recently, their group encountered a fox hunt and found themselves on a back road surrounded by dozen of hounds. Out-of-town visitors on the ride, some of whom Davison says are nationally-known cyclists, “couldn’t believe it.”   [all above text courtesy of Loudoun Now and author Emily Houston]